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Week 6 Picks with Dynasty Sneako

Seasoned gambler Nicolas Keels (AKA Dynasty Sneako) gives you his thoughts on the Week 6 games.

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Let’s review last week! Bucs @ Bears was a miss. Brady with the biggest WTF moment of his career. Cardinals covering the spread over the Jets was a hit. Of course it was, the Jets suck. Panthers +2.5 as well as Panther ML was a hit. Atlanta fired their coach before he left the stadium. Jaguars +6 and the Chiefs to cover were both misses. The Rams covered the spread over Washington but the game did not hit the over. The Steelers and Browns were both hits while the Cowboys and Seahawks both won but did not cover the spread. The Saints and Chargers hit the over, finishing the week out strong. Hopefully you all follow me on Twitter @DynastySneako where I dropped my pick for the Tuesday night game. That game hit the over as I predicted, and we ended the week with a nice pay day. Up until the Monday night game, my picks went 6-6, but finished 2-0 on Monday night and Tuesday night for a total of 8-6 on the week.

Sometimes sports betting requires riding the wave. You should adjust your wagers to reflect the matchups you are most comfortable with. Moving forward, I will mark how much I’d be willing to wager on each game between $0-$100. $0 being the least confident I am with the game and $100 being a cold hard lock.

Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers

Favorite: Panthers - 1.5 points

Over/under: 44.5 points

In my opinion, Vegas is not giving either of these teams the respect they deserve. Chicago is coming off of a big win against the Buccaneers while the Panthers have won 3 straight games and put a beat down on the Falcons last week. I have had a tough time deciding who will win this game, so I’ll turn to the over. 44.5 seems like an easy hit. While the Bears have a top tier defense, the Panthers have the weapons to be able to keep up and we know Teddy B will likely not turn the ball over. The Panthers DO NOT have a great defense so the Bears should be able to put up points.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick(s): Over 44.5 total points

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $40

Detroit Lions @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Favorite: Lions - 3 points

Over/under: 54.5 points

I should probably stop picking the Jags, but I also don’t want to pick the Lions. Keep an eye on D.J. Chark. If he is not able to go, it greatly impacts the Jaguars offense. Even so, I think the Jaguars should be able to keep this game close. This is one of the games of the week I am the least confident about. Stay away if you can.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Jaguars +3

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $20

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

Favorite: Titans - 3 points

Over/under: 53 points

The Texans showed up to play last week after the firing of Bill O’Brien. That was against the Jaguars though. The Titans look like one of the best teams in football. They’re well coached and disciplined, committing one of the lowest numbers of penalties per game in the league. I expect Derrick Henry to get the ball early and often in this one, and the Titans defense should be able to force turnovers when they pressure Deshaun Watson.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Titans -3

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $80

Washington Football Team @ New York Giants

Favorite: Giants - 2.5 points

Over/under: 42.5 points

This one is gross. These are 2 bottom 5 teams battling it out for who gets to potentially draft Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. The bright spot of this game is probably the defensive line for Washington. Bad teams or not, this a very low over/under. I’ll play the odds and take the over here.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Over 42.5 total points

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $80

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite: Steelers - 3 points

Over/under: 51 points

As a Cleveland Browns fan, this pick pains me. I expect this to be a decent game, but I don’t think Baker Mayfield can hang. The Steelers have one of the best run defenses in football going up against arguable the best offensive line in the league. Let’s not forget the last time these two teams faced off in Pittsburgh. Myles Garrett blasted little baby boy Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmet. This game could have some bad blood. Get your popcorn ready.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Steelers -3

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $80

Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite: Ravens - 7.5 points

Over/under: 47.5 points

What’s going on with Lamar Jackson? He’s looking more and more like a running back - a banged up one at that. I expect the Ravens to put it all together against an inferior opponent this week, though. The Eagles have already ruled out 7 players for Sunday’s game. Carson Wentz is a talented guy, but once again he’s throwing the ball to no names. Jalen Hurts was a good pick though, right? I’ll take the over here as I expect the Ravens to put up points and the Eagles to be in comeback mode.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Over 47.5 total points

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $60

Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts

Favorite: Colts - 8 points

Over/under: 46.5 points

The Colts have to be frustrated with their loss last week to Cleveland, and Philip Rivers has to realize he is a big reason why they lost. Here is an excellent opportunity for the Colts to get things back on track. I expect the Colts pass rushers to be in Burrow’s face throughout the entire game. I also expect to see a heavy does of Jonathan Taylor this week against a weak Bengals defense.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick(s): Colts -8

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $80

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

Favorite: Patriots - 10 points

Over/under: 45 points

I like the Patriots to win this game, but 10 points is a lot. Melvin Gordon looks like he will not play this week after he was arrested for drunk driving this week. Cam Newton returns for the Patriots. I’ll stick with the over here but I’m not totally confident with this one.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Over 45 total points

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $20

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

Favorite: Dolphins - 9.5 points

Over/under: 47 points

How is Adam Gase still employed? The Jets are off to a comically bad start and I don’t expect things to change. The Dolphins look like an up and coming team and Ryan Fitzpatrick is not ready to hand over the reigns just yet. I’m streaming Fitzpatrick everywhere this week. The Dolphins win this one big.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Dolphins -9.5 points

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $80

Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Favorite: Packers - 1 point

Over/under: 55 points

This one should be a treat. 2 of the greatest QBs of this generation in a massive 55 point over/under. The return of Devante Adams after being out since week 1. There should be a lot of offense in this one as Rodgers and Brady both look to set the league on fire for anyone ever doubting either of them. I’ll take the offense that is clicking better in this one. Packers -1 is my lock of the week.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Packers -1

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $100 Lock of the week

Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

Favorite: Rams - 3.5 points

Over/under: 51.5 points

The 49ers are not a good football team right now. This may be due to injuries, but that does not change the facts. They were absolutely embarrassed by the Dolphins last week. I would have trouble starting any player form the 49ers in fantasy this week who isn’t named George Kittle. On the other side, the Rams look great. Jared Goff is having a nice bounce back season this year and I expect that to continue.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Rams -3.5

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $80

Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills

Favorite: Chiefs - 3.5 points

Over/under: 57.5 points

Another great game this week. Fire up all of your offensive pieces in fantasy for both teams (minus the DSTs of course). Will the Chiefs lose 2 games in a row? Not likely. I expect the Chiefs to come out firing on all cylinders after looking flat-ish against the Raiders.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Chiefs -3.5

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $60

Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys

Favorite: Cardinals - 1.5 points

Over/under: 55 points

We now start the Andy Dalton era in Dallas. Dalton has one of the worst primetime records in NFL history at 6-19. Different team, different setting, but I expect the same result. Dallas’s defense cannot stop anyone and the Arizona offense got a chance to practice against the Jets last week. This should be a high scoring affair. The biggest question mark is whether Dalton will be able to drive the Cowboys down the field to keep this one close.

Dynasty Sneako’s pick: Cardinals -1.5

Amount to wager between $0-$100: $80

Week 6 Parlay

Packers -1, Steelers -3, Titans -3

Odds: +622

$10 bet wins you $72.23

One strategy to placing parlays is to make sure you are not adding too many large spreads. For example, I think the Dolphins will b eat the brakes off of the Jets but I do not want to include them in my parlay. The reason for this is it only takes a garbage time score or two to ruin big money for you. Instead pick the closer games that you think should have a larger spread!

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