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Week 1 Recap with Mike Woellert

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Mike advises you don't overreact to a few poor week 1 performances and try to sell a couple guys high.

This article is adapted from this episode of The Big 3 IDP Podcast.

Who had a poor week 1 performance that you shouldn't overreact to?

Some of your elite guys like Darius Leonard and Aaron Donald had "meh" games. Don't panic on them. With Donald, the Panthers were throwing everyone at him so he wouldn't beat them. J.J. Watt also had a bad game. The nature of IDP is that sometimes you're going to be a victim of bad game script or the way plays are flowing. Leonard had 163 tackles last season. Don't go trading him for Josey Jewell or Terrell Suggs, the flavors of the week.

Are you worried about Jewell with Todd Davis coming back?

Not really because Jewell has been tabbed as the signal caller. It wasn't Todd Davis or Brandon Marshall last year. I think Davis will play 70-80% of the snaps. That's a baseline for Jewell, he could play closer to 100% of the snaps. Now, if his usage slips when Davis is back, I'll have to revisit that notion. Also, I wouldn't rely on Jewell long-term. This team is in desperate need of some linebacker upgrades. Jewell is good for IDP right now, but he's an average linebacker, so he could be replaced pretty easily next season.

Should Shaun Dion Hamilton owners be concerned he was out-snapped by this "Cole Holcomb" character? Holcomb got 68% of the snaps while Hamilton got 41%.

Yes, there's cause for concern. Holcomb looked good against the Eagles. Granted, that's not hard to do when you're playing alongside Jon Bostic. I never bought into the Redskins linebackers outside of Bostic because he was calling plays, but after watching this past Sunday, I think we're in line for a shift there. It's a situation to watch. Holcomb could play himself into a higher snap percentage, which would hurt Hamilton. Honestly, I'm zoning in on Landon Collins and ignoring most of the other Washington defenders.

Who are some guys owners should look to sell high after a big week 1 performance?

Devon Kennard, the Detroit Lions linebacker, would be one. He had 4 tackles and 3 sacks. While he's a good rush linebacker, obviously he's not going to get 3 sacks every game. That said, he still has value because he's calling plays with Jarrad Davis out. It wasn't Jahlani Tavai. I'd throw Kennard out there and see what kind of offers you get.

Terrell Suggs is another one. He's a name and people love names. He'll be a crucial part of that defense, so he has value, but I'd look to flip him for a more valuable piece.

What about Suggs' new teammate, Chandler Jones? He had 4 tackles, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovery and 1 forced fumble. Are you holding him or shopping him?

Jones might be a hold just because he has a track record of production. Plus, unlike Suggs, he knows the defense because he's been there for a while. But if you're in a big play league and somebody comes calling, I wouldn't have a problem flipping him.

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